GrowthMap Online Course + Coaching


Tired of not knowing where your next lead will come from?

GrowthMap — Your guided path to marketing success.

You know you need stronger, high-performing marketing campaigns. It all starts with a strong strategy.

Gain clarity, get focused, and get growing by creating your unique GrowthMap. The Sprk'd GrowthMap™ gives you a 6- to 12-month marketing action plan that outlines everything you need to:

  • Discover your audience
  • Attract qualified leads
  • And convert them into customers.

This guided online course teaches you how to implement our proven strategy framework for YOUR business over the next 6 short weeks.

Let's Get Growing!

Benefits of the GrowthMap online course:

  • A guided online course based on our proven strategic GrowthMap™ process
  • Live weekly coaching call
  • Access to the private course community


WEEK 1: Capitalize on what makes your business unique

The most effective businesses fulfill a specific niche within their chosen industries. We’ll pinpoint your strongest values, products and services and, through a detailed comparison with your competitors’ offerings, craft a content-driven platform that will distinguish you from the crowd.

End result: S.M.A.R.T. Business Goals 

WEEK 2: Gain insight into industry trends and expectations

You’ll do an in-depth analysis of your closest competitors’ online activity, find out what’s effective and what’s not, and we’ll show you how to use that knowledge to drive your own marketing strategy.

End result: Competitive Landscape Analysis

WEEK 3: Better understand your customers’ needs and interests

You’ll identify your ideal target audience and create thoughtful buyer personas around their profiles. With these, you’ll be able to visualize your customers’ daily habits, and create content which specifically caters to their wants and needs. 

End result: Target Audiences Defined (Personas Created)

WEEK 4: Establish cross-platform consistency across your marketing strategy

Choosing what marketing tactics to use and when can be a tricky game to play. No matter how many tools you’re leveraging though, you want to make sure they are all working to accomplish the same goals. You’ll equip your team with a shared language to serve a common, overarching vision and you’ll choose which tactics to focus on.

End result: Tactics Identified and tone/voice defined

WEEK 5: Master the foundations for building an effective content strategy

We’ll walk you through the process of using your newfound industry insights and buyer personas to generate content which converts — no matter which part of the marketing funnel you’re targeting. 

End result: Buyer’s Journey and content mapping

WEEK 6: Develop a game plan for the next 6 -12 months

You’ll put together a personalized, high-level content calendar unique to your customer that guides them through the buyer’s journey. You’ll gain the reassurance of knowing exactly what your marketing plan calls for over the next 6 months to a year.

End result: 6-12 month content calendar

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