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Chart Your Course: How to create your own online course so you’re up and running in as little as 48 hours

Chart Your Course: How to create your own online course so you’re up and running in as little as 48 hours

You are running your own creative, coaching, or consulting business and are run ragged providing custom 1:1 services for each and every client you work with.

You yearn for more time and “brain space” for yourself to either grow your business or simply finally have some extra “me time.” 

Or... maybe you’re tired of relying on one-time projects and the constant hunt for new clients. 

Or... the feast and famine project cycle has taken you for a ride and you’re quite ready to head toward the exit sign now.

You have been told that online courses are one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

But you have no clue where to start:

  • The tech?
  • The content?
  • Somewhere else?

Providing custom solutions to individual clients is how you’ve always run your business.

You’re an expert in your field but you haven’t had the time to figure it out on your own and you can’t afford to make costly mistakes.

But you have to adapt to our “new normal” where literally all your business has shifted online.

You’ve tried just about everything

  • You’ve looked at YouTube videos until your eyes felt heavy
  • You’ve searched for plug-n-play tools promising you the world
  • Maybe you’ve even tried to do it yourself and yet...

You fail miserably, waste time, and find out...

None of these are what you were looking for (let alone get you a single sale... gahhhh!)

None of these make your life easier or make you want to jump for joy.

Instead, they make you want to toss out your laptop and pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite libation.

So you try some more...

You buy a book and try some of the suggestions there (but it’s a slog of a read and still seems overly complicated)

You then shift to Google to find free online resources and no one is straightforward enough to tell you where to start.

Welllllllll…how is that helpful?

You go back to the way you’ve always done it…

Being at the beck and call of every client, not knowing where your next lead might come from, and unsure if your main source of income will vanish faster than Milli Vanilli's career.

And you sit there...

Wondering: how do all these people do this? The ones with tons of followers… the one with thousands of contacts on their email lists & hoards of “I love yous.”

Pondering: what can you do to get the same frenzy of success

Grappling: with the possibility that you’ll have to put yourself “out there” more.

Puzzling: on what else you can do to scale your time and business so that you get closer to the lifestyle you dreamed you have when you started your business way back when.

Doubting: if you will ever find the time to work ON your business instead of IN your business so you can grow it the way you see others have. 

Dolla dolla dollaWhile Others…

  • Transition their offline services creatively into online offerings
  • Not only stabilize their business now but GROW
  • Effortlessly launch course after course and sell them with ease
  • Open the doors to new revenue streams which is imperative in today’s constantly in flux economy
  • Create the ability to sell their services while they sleep and make money “in the background” of their other client work

All with the power of their online courses!

You don’t need to do this anymore...

I HAVE DEVELOPED A SYSTEM that takes away...

  • The need to constantly chase after prospective new clients or be at their beck and call all the time
  • The problem of getting paid hourly for custom 1:1 solutions
  • The struggle with the feast or famine cycle of work and clients

Chart Your Course literally & truly takes you from zero to launch in 48 hours without wasting a single precious brain cell on tech frustration.

Create your course, connect the tech, and LAUNCH in as little as ONE WEEKEND...

Who am I and Why You Should Listen to Me

Christine Mortensen fun headshot

My name is Christine and I am just as crazy, overwhelmed & bursting with ideas as you are.

I am a Fur Momma (read: forced to work between walks and impromptu cuddle fests)

I am a Dreamer (read: hit with a million ideas a minute)

I am a Powerhouse (read: do whatever it takes but don’t want to spend thousands to make hundreds)

I am also someone who knows how to get the absolute best results in the shortest possible time using proven methods.

I know what you are thinking...

It won't work for me because "I am not a teacher" or "I am afraid of being on camera" (spoiler alert… you don’t have to appear on video if you don’t want to) or my industry does not translate to the online space.

Or... "If it was that simple, everyone would be launching their own course."

Or... "How is this different from all the other people out there claiming to get me online?"

Let me show you why this is unlike anything you have seen before:

My Course Others
Based on proven methods I’ve used for myself and with clients nationwide

Not focused on a quick launch while maintaining quality
Specifically designed to get you up and running quickly that actually sells

Designed to make you a course — that’s all
Delivered in short, punchy clips with hands-on and practical applications
Mostly theory

This is what’s included in this life-changing course

Program Outline:

  • Self-assessment and topic vetting
  • Audience wants vs. needs
  • Creating your course 
  • Down n' dirty with tech
  • Your "Make it rain" mini-launch


  • Private Community
  • 30 days of Content Workbook
  • Free Marketing Therapy Session ($197 value)


$997 as a one-time payment (and SAVE $104)


3 Monthly Payments of $367 each

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